Behavioral Interviewing

The interview is the workhorse of the hiring process. An effective interviewing process helps you get the right information and quickly zero in on the right candidates. An ineffective process is costly and raises more questions than it answers especially for participating candidates.

Behavioral interviews provide the information you need by focusing on specific experiences in the candidate's past that are related to success on the job. Clear performance patterns emerge as the candidate describes past work experiences, providing interviewers a strong foundation on which to build their evaluations. Interview guides build just the right amount of structure around the interview, helping the interviewer develop rapport while efficiently capturing the relevant candidate information.

Why choose Nexus Solutions, Inc. behavioral interviewing suite? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Extensive research shows that behavioral interviews are more effective in predicting job performance than traditional "unstructured" interviews
  • Nexus's interviews keep interviewers on task and help them avoid asking illegal questions
  • Candidates appreciate the professionalism of the process, increasing their positive impressions of your organization
Nexus has everything you need for behavioral interviews, whether you are looking to interview for a single position or roll out behavioral interviews across your enterprise. Our suite includes training in behavioral interviewing, software for generating and managing interview guides, and a complete set of ready-made behavioral interview questions. In addition, our suite is fully customizable so that we can align each element of your behavioral interviewing solution with your internal processes and overall approach to hiring.


  • Training in behavioral interviewing for interviewers and HR administrators
  • Interview guide generator software
  • A complete library of behavioral interview questions designed for the construction environment, plus custom question development for clients with special needs
  • Design, licensing, and training for organizations that wish to maintain their own interviewing system
  • Interview outsourcing