Build Leaders

The evolution of leadership in an organization is a constant challenge. Are today's executives and managers ready for the strategic challenges on the horizon? Are they driving high performance, or are they standing in its way? Are tomorrow's leaders identified and getting the development they need to successfully take control when it is their turn? These are common questions that create great stress for senior leaders. Here are some of the assessment and development solutions we offer to help your organization build the leaders that will power your success today and tomorrow.


As the strategic landscape unfolds, organizations need leaders who are fully prepared to confront the challenges ahead. Many organizations assume or hope that past experience has equipped their executives and managers to successfully take on entirely new challenges. We want to help you make more informed decisions. Nexus Solutions, Inc.'s Leadership Review is an extensive evaluation of every individual on your leadership team their strengths, development needs, and their readiness to execute the strategic initiatives that are critical to your organization's growth. The Leadership Review provides the critical information you need to make the right assignments, target development, and address gaps in capability. Here is a representative Leadership Review process:

  • We begin by understanding the critical challenges faced by your organization.
  • Detailed assessments provide a deep analysis of individual leaders and their capabilities
  • A feedback session provides stakeholders with thorough reviews of all leaders both individually and as a group
  • Individual feedback sessions help leaders identify the strengths they should leverage, as well as the development needs to address


Each leader, whether executive or manager, brings a wealth of talent and experience to the role. But when leaders' strengths don't match up to the challenges they face, they may need expert guidance to make the right adjustments for success. Here is how the Nexus Leadership Alignment program works:

  • We start by working with the leader (and stakeholders, such as the leader's manager, as appropriate) to define goals for both the individual and the organization
  • We establish a baseline for development using a selection of assessment tools from our library
  • Ongoing coaching meetings address development needs and build new capabilities
  • Regular reviews with stakeholders evaluate progress toward goals


Tomorrow's leaders are the key to the continued competitive strength of your organization. When you identify and develop internal talent early, you ensure future leaders who are deeply ingrained with the organization's culture and committed to its success, and you reduce the need to bring in expensive talent from outside. Our solution emphasizes efficiency, communication, and preparation to ensure that your leadership academy and everyone taking part in it is set up for success. Here is how the Nexus Leadership Academy program helps you develop tomorrow's generation of leaders:

  • Our first step is to work with you to charter a senior team that will monitor and guide the development of members of the Leadership Academy
  • Leadership potential evaluation helps identify likely candidates for your talent pool
  • Once members enter the pool, in-depth assessment identifies strengths, development needs, and areas for future growth
  • Performance and development planning sets the course for in-role development, while coaching and mentoring ensure regular advancement toward goals
  • Annual reviews by the senior team track progress and restart stalled development