Competency Modeling

Every construction organization has its own perspective on what its people need to do to succeed; well-designed competencies bake this vision into the DNA of every position across the company.

With the right competencies defining each job, everything else aligns: Hiring processes, performance evaluation, staff development, and promotion decisions all revolve around the same definition and vision of a job. The result is that complexity, confusion, and inconsistency are eliminated from talent management replaced by clarity, efficiency, and improved decision making.

Here's why our clients have chosen Nexus for competency modeling:

  • Our competency modeling process is highly efficient and engaging for participants
  • We designed the Nexus competency library for action and evaluation: An emphasis on behavior makes it clear what needs to be done to perform each competency successfully. Our competencies aren't abstract, "ivory tower" concepts: They're focused and they make sense
  • Our library reflects the design of modern jobs, including both bedrock competencies like Adaptability and Making Decisions as well as newer concepts, like Balancing Sales and Delivery and Translating Strategy into Action

Nexus Solutions, Inc. offers a unique system for developing competencies and building competency models. Traditional approaches rely on either a lengthy, "reinvent the wheel" process for creating custom competencies from scratch, or employ a standard library of off-the-shelf competencies that may not truly match a company's views on performance. Nexus believes that there's an easier way to get competencies that are true to our clients: We start with our competency library, and work with our clients to customize as much as necessary to reflect the realities of their organization and targeted jobs. The final process is faster and more engaging than traditional approaches, and produces powerful results that will focus and energize your talent management strategy.


  • Competency modeling for all levels in the organization, using an efficient process that engages participants
  • Training in our competency modeling process and tools for our clients who wish to take the process in-house