Assesment Centers

Important talent management decisions require clear answers to the hard questions about people: What is their potential for leadership? Where are the gaps in their skills? How will they handle challenging situations?

Assessment centers help answer these questions in a unique and powerful way, by putting people into critical "real life" situations and having a highly-experienced team of experts evaluate their performance. In our assessment centers, participants assume a role in a simulated construction company and face challenges similar to those they might see on the "real" job. We developed our assessment centers by drawing on our extensive experience, as well as those of a broad range of experienced construction professionals.

The assessment center technique is typically used to profile a participant's capabilities across the range of demands required by the position, but it can also be used to evaluate a specific area of performance, such as making sales calls. Whether the target is broad or focused, Nexus Solutions, Inc. assessment centers drive bottom-line results:

  • Better hiring decisions, leveraging evaluations of candidates' work performance before they join the organization
  • Development planning that targets specific needs, helping make the best use of limited training and development resources
  • Identification of high-potential future leaders, regardless of organizational politics and history

What differentiates Nexus's approach to assessment centers is our focus on your needs: We design our assessments around your business and the issues you want to target. Our award-winning assessment designers have decades of experience in quickly crafting experiences that feel real and enable participants to demonstrate their skills naturally without getting them caught up in unimportant details or artificial scenarios.


  • Assessment centers for all levels of the typical construction organization, as well as Sales Manager and Sales Professional
  • Custom assessment centers designed for special needs